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Melissa L.

Lookout Mountain, TN - "The world would be a much better place if there were more people like Clint". That is a direct quote from my husband and I can't agree more. He is probably one of the most honest and humble people you will meet in your entire life. I called him the Thursday before Labor Day and was in a crunch because I needed our basement carpets cleaned before the weekend. He said he could come that night after all of his appointments if we were okay with that. We really needed them cleaned and were thankful for his flexibility. Not only did he make our carpets look great, he also fixed an issue we were having with our carpet and cleaned the upholstery on our bed and a stain we had on our couch. Clint is an extremely hard worker and a perfectionist. I highly recommend calling him.
6 Stars

Jim H.

Decatur, TN - "I have used this business several times and was verysatified with his results. Very flexable scheduling and most important GREAT results. I like his method of using less water and the chemicals are enviro friendly and work great.The value is great also, his pricing is very fair.I own apts. and they present real challenges,so I highly recommend Clint.
6 Stars

Pam T.

Athens, TN - "Clint is the absolute best. He didn't stop until he got the stain removed and was so professional. Sort of reminded me of the days when doctors made house calls. They knew what they were doing and they came to you."
6 Stars

Darryl Cranfield

Facebook - "Wow! What an awesome job Clint does. It's great to find such an awesome place here local to do your carpets! Takes great pride in the service they offer!"
6 Stars

James Holt III

Facebook - "Truly amazing workmanship, supreme attention to detail, unwavering honesty and I really hope the word gets out about Clint's fantastic company. Cheers!"
6 Stars

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