Quality guaranteed carpet cleaning services

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Repair
Tired of the ugly stains on your favorite carpet? Still trying to scrub the debris from your rug? Worry no more! Our professionals are here to help you out!
Tile, Rug & Grout cleaning Services
The experts at Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning can inspect, clean and seal your tiled floors. They can remove the irritating grout stains left on your flooring.
Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
Commercial services branch to large or small local businesses, office buildings, etc. of Southeast Tennessee. Our experts can deal with it all!
Odor Removal
We not only deal with cleaning
your carpets, but also offer odor control of your carpets, rugs and furniture. Your home will look clean and smell fresh too!
Furniture Cleaning
Refreshing and maintaining your furniture is also included in our job description. We know how best to revitalize your sofas and cushions. Let us clean it all for you!
Stain Removal
Are you tired of stains in your carpets and looking for the best carpet cleaners? We are here to help you out! Let us remove all the stains from you carpets.

Are you ready to experience clean?

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning - Let The Professionals Clean It For You!

We strive every day to find more methods and ways by which we can help our clients. New deals, discounts and offers are introduced nonstop. We don’t just focus on carpet cleaning—though that is our aim—we also try to pro-
-vide additional services that leave your entire house looking fresh and tidy.

Our One-Year Commitment to You:

It is our most excellent and popular offer. It opens the possibility of enjoying our unique carpet cleaning service for a whole year, unlimited and at a reduced price. As a user of this offer, we clean your carpets, upholstery, etc. at the affordable price of $10 per area with a slight trip charge.

How to obtain?

During your first appointment as our client, if you spend $130 or more on any of your carpet cleaning, we will issue a certificate that declares you a benefiter of this offer. After this, you simply call us any time throughout the year and we will come and clean at an affordable price of $10 per area plus a small trip charge.

Please Note:

** When using the ‘One Year Commitment to You’ offer, the warranty holder is responsible for moving furniture, if required, and pre-vacuuming on return visits. The travel charge is subject to change without notice. **

Thanks for your interest. We will get back to you as soon as we can!