Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our commercial services branch out to large or small local businesses, office buildings, etc. of Southeast Tennessee. Our experts can deal with all cubicle, flooring or furniture cleaning within your building. We adopt the same approach, take the same care and utilize the same cleaning solutions and procedures as you would expect in any of our normal projects of apartment buildings, condos, etc.

You can opt for carpet cleaning and repair, tile cleaning, odor control or furniture cleaning for your office building. All the same services are offered commercially with the exception of the ‘One Year Commitment to You.’ Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning offers a FREE DEMONSTRATION of its unique services during your first order. This includes cleaning 100 square feet of your carpeted area at no charge and with no other purpose than to gain your trust as a client.

*It is to be noted that it only applies to clients with over 1,000 square feet in carpeting.

With our expert furniture, upholstery and floor cleaning, Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning turns out to be much more than a simple carpet cleaning business.

Thanks for your interest. We will get back to you as soon as we can!