Carpet Cleaning

Tired of the ugly stains on your favorite carpet? Still trying to scrub the debris from your rug? Worry no more! The most effective and competent carpet cleaning is guaranteed by the team of Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning. Whether you have simple wall-to-wall carpets or rugs, we know and use the proper and safe methods of completely ridding them of any dirt or residue, all the while using environmental-friendly chemicals and machinery. We leave them with a spotlessness that is long lasting. This involves removing:

  • • Coffee stains
  • • Lipstick marks
  • • Wax or wine stains
  • • Dirt or mud stains, etc.

We use special solutions that quickly dry your carpets and remove all dust-attracting particles in them. This results in long-lasting, fresh carpets. Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning tries to have your carpets dry in 1-2 hours. This saves you time and shows the fact that we conserve as much water as we can in our cleaning procedures.

Steps involved:

  • • The targeted area is prepared for cleaning, and this involves careful removal of certain furniture.
  • • The chosen space is then vacuumed thoroughly, to remove the loose and large debris.
  • • Carpets are sprayed with a cleaning solution beforehand to emulsify further stains.
  • • By the modern Oscillating Pad Machine, the carpet fibers are carefully separated, allowing the easy removal of dirt, grease, etc.
  • • At the end the area is groomed to leave your carpet fresh and smooth.
  • • Furniture is arranged back to its original position.

Please Note:

We follow the industry’s safety standards in our cleaning methods and during furniture moving. All furniture is moved with the exception of heavy, breakable items, including china cabinets, pianos, heavy bookcases, beds, large dining tables, dressers or any electronic equipment including TVs, stereos or computers.

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